Frequently Asked Questions


Most frequent questions and answers
  • The best time is during spring and fall when temperatures are moderate, ensuring optimal curing conditions.
  • Costs vary depending on the project’s size and complexity, but average prices range from $3 to $6 per square foot for basic services.
  • Most projects, like driveways or patios, can be completed within one week, weather and complexity permitting.
  • Absolutely, we specialize in installing durable and aesthetically pleasing concrete pavers for driveways.
  • Yes, resurfacing is an excellent way to rejuvenate your driveway at a fraction of the cost of a full replacement.
  • We offer polished, stained, and stamped concrete flooring options suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Yes, we can custom design and construct concrete stairs to match your specific needs and preferences.
  • We use high-grade materials and follow stringent installation procedures to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Consider the extent of the damage, the age of the concrete, and whether a repair or full replacement is more cost-effective.
  • Stamped concrete offers versatility in design and color, making it an attractive and cost-effective choice for patios.
  • Yes, we can incorporate various finishes and designs into concrete walls to meet your aesthetic requirements.
  • Concrete pavers are more durable and resistant to cracking than traditional slab concrete due to their interlocking design.
  • Regular cleaning and resealing every few years will keep your concrete surfaces looking new and extend their lifespan.
  • Concrete flooring is durable, easy to maintain, and offers a modern, industrial look that can be customized with stains and finishes.
  • It’s recommended to seal concrete patios every 2 to 3 years to protect against weather and stains.
  • Yes, we offer eco-friendly concrete options, including permeable pavers and recycled concrete materials.
  • Yes, we can effectively repair cracks in concrete walls to restore structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.
  • The process involves pouring slab concrete, adding color, pressing in patterns before it fully dries, and then sealing it for durability.
  • Concrete pavers are extremely durable and capable of withstanding Peoria’s range of temperatures without cracking.
  • Yes, we offer a variety of colors for concrete to match your design preferences for floors, patios, and more.
  • Small repairs can often be completed in a day, while larger repairs may take several days.
  • Contact us with details of your project, and we’ll provide a detailed estimate based on your specific needs.
  • We recommend clearing the area of any debris or furniture and ensuring easy access for our crew and equipment.
  • Opt for recycled concrete materials and permeable concrete solutions to minimize environmental impact.